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Meet David & Judy Peacock

Meet David & Judy Peacock

Meet David & Judy Peacock

David and Judy Peacock have been visiting this area of East Texas for over 20 years, and David has been saying, "Someday we will live in East Texas" for about 15 of those years. That someday came in 2016 when they moved from the D/FW metroplex to just west of Winnsboro, and have loved becoming a part of this community.

David has been a "picker" most of his life, and a lot of his friends know him as "the finder." He loves locating unique items and good deals, and the lure of running an online auction was just too much to pass up. 

He talked Judy into running the business with him, and together they enjoy helping people make money from their treasures and helping others find just what they are looking for.  Helping people who are in a bind and need to liquidate an estate or get rid of some things to downsize or make a move has become important to them.  Helping others and making new friends along the way is what makes them enjoy this business.

New to running an auction business, they are still learning something new each new event, and they thank all the consignors and bidders for their business and for their support.


Auction Services

Meet David & Judy Peacock

Meet David & Judy Peacock

We are a full service auction company. We turn your assets into cash. We can do this through live or online auctions depending upon the type, location, and value of your assets. We are more than happy to discuss your needs and give you our opinion as to the best options for you. If you have auction needs, please contact us.

Online Auctions

Consign as little as one item or as much as an entire estate for our regular online auctions. We can conduct online auctions in-house (from our location) or off-site (at your location).

Live Auctions

Conducted at your location or at an alternate site. We are not yet licensed to conduct live auctions, but we work closely with some excellent auction companies in this area and can help you achieve your best results.

Benefit Auctions

Estate Auctions


Estate Services

Meet David & Judy Peacock

Estate Services

Liquidating an estate can be a daunting task. We understand the challenges and can provide a number of services to help. Every situation is unique, and the best solution or combination of solutions depends upon a number of factors incuding the customer's preference. We are more than happy to discuss your situation with you.

Online Auction

Online auctions are great for smaller estates or estates with lots of highly collectible items.

Live Auction

Live auctions work well to liquidate larger estates quickly. We work with some excellent auctioneers in the area.

Outright Purchase

This is often the easiest option for the customer. We are happy to discuss an offer on an entire estate or or particular items or categories of items. If we agree on a purchase, we will pick up and move all items. This makes it very easy and quick for the customer.

Estate Sale

We work with several reputable estate sale professionals in the area, and we can help you achieve your best results.